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Ask multiple choice poll questions and show real-time results to your participants.

Chat and Q&A

Viewers send texts, receive private replies, or you can show moderated Q&A to the whole audience.


Synchronize your slide deck with the video stream. Use Prezi or your favorite presentation tool.

No Plug-Ins or Apps

Unlike some Webinar platforms, Magic Coast is HTML5. No firewall issues or installs to deal with.


Timed subtitles are as easy as uploading your subtitles file.

University of Michigan School of Music, Theater and Dance

  • Live Stream Automation

    U of M and Magic Coast created an automated process for students and faculty to add live video streaming of their recitals, events and lectures from five on-campus venues in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Automation is accomplished using a four channel Panther Media Encoder - Plus Edition and our standard cloud management dashboard plus a custom integration with the U of M venue scheduling online application.

2016 Honda Pilot Training

  • Nation-wide, LIVE interactive e-Learning sessions for Honda Dealers

    Magic Coast provided live video streaming to dealerships across America. Utilizing three Panther Media Encoder - Standard Edition video encoders located in a Hollywood studio, three independent Internet connections, power backup and the built-in load-balancing/fail-over protection of the Panther Media System, 52 webcasts were completed without a single interruption. All, remotely and automatically controlled via the Magic Coast Panther Media Dashboard.
e-Learning Details

Connect Space Event Planning

  • Webinars & e-Learning with Connect Space

    Connect Space provides an end-to-end event planning and management service that can be used in conjunction with the Magic Coast streaming video service to easily create and manage a powerful, comprehensive online event. Whether you are planning a sales meeting, corporate town hall webcast, product webinar or e-Learning program, Connect Space and Magic Coast make an unbeatable team to help make your event a success.
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Ford Product Reveal

  • Ford Police Interceptor Announcement

    Magic Coast traveled to Las Vegas to help Ford deliver a new vehicle announcement to over 5,000 police agencies and vehicle dealers across North America. For this event, we were on location at the Las Vegas Speedway and worked hand in hand with the video production company and Ford Communications staff.

When reliability matters, some of the largest companies in the world have looked to us.

Magic Coast has been a leading source of highly reliable live video streaming for over 10 years. Our proprietary, cloud-managed video streaming hardware and service is the perfect end-to-end solution for mission-critical Live and On-Demand video streaming. We’ve worked with fortune 500 companies, renown universities and major broadcasters to deliver their content to audiences around the world.  We can do the same for you.

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"I think a strong benefit we and our Honda clients found, was how turnkey Magic Coast was with a customizable streaming solution. They quickly provided a look and feel for webpage viewing, and a fast, reliable, and fully redundant system for us that ran flawlessly over nine weeks and more than fifty live webinars, streaming to thousands of viewers. Magic Coast's experience in this industry is what sets them apart. They ask all the right questions, and plan ahead to mitigate any problems that could be encountered."

David Edmunds

Executive Director – Technical Production
detroit | los angeles | wash dc | nashville | london | bangkok | beijing | shanghai
"I've worked with Magic Coast on many projects over the past ten years and they have never disappointed. In my profession DIY streaming is too risky and complicated for important events/announcements and faced with an unexpected problem (they always happen in streaming), knowing they are monitoring every event and will proactively solve problems is priceless - especially when a C-level executive is on camera delivering an important message."

Toby Tabaczynski

Director of Marketing and Business Development



What outcome do you need to achieve? We conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and work with you to create a custom solution.



We follow through on every detail. Fulfilling complicated technical requirements is our specialty. Our 10+ years of experience will ensure every detail is addressed.

Event Administration


To be sure your event is complete success, our technicians monitor all aspects of the live stream, ensuring a stress free experience for you and a positive impression on your audience.

About Magic Coast

Our service is built around the hardware and cloud service we created: the Panther Media System. When we began providing video streaming support to our customers over 10 years ago in 2005, a high quality, easy to use solution didn’t exist . . . so we built it. And, we've been improving it ever since.

Prior to working in the video streaming industry, we successfully created web-based business-to-business applications for manufacturers.  So, when it came time to develop video management and streaming applications, mission-critical processes were nothing new to us.  We’ve been developing custom business software since 1997 and people continue to rely on our work every day to power their businesses.

That's one reason why we are able to offer our clients a wide range of custom solutions to specifically meet their needs - including tight integration into back office, single-sign-on, or existing applications.

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Panther Media Encoder


* available as a stand alone product.

Finding a tool that allows you to stream automatically and remotely isn’t easy. Let alone, one that's easily integrated into a high-availability network for mission-critical content delivery.

That's why we built Panther and why we built it with automatic load-balancing and built-in fail-over capabilities.

Panther is as simple as it is functional, and as high speed as it is durable. Developed by streaming professionals and proven in the field, it was developed to cater to professional video streaming demands for quality and reliability.

The Panther System has been proven in the field for over ten years. All Panther Media Encoder needs is a corner of a studio, power and Internet to unleash its high speed efficiency. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to use.

Tired of 'toys'?  Panther is the professionals choice.

     –The Panther Developers