xAPI Support and More

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A slew of new features and enhancements have just been deployed to the Magic Coast Panther Media System

New Updates:

  • xAPI specification is now fully supported
  • A full featured Learning Record Store (LRS) has been added to the back-end services for collecting and delivering xAPI statements
  • We’ve added over 50 new RESTful API methods for granular integration with third party systems, such as our partnership with MessageBlocks.com
  • A new closed caption transcription editor has been installed.  It’s manual now, but we’re in development to utilize voice recognition services.
  • Our interactive video player and user interface is even more optimized for mobile devices.

In Development for our Next Encoder Version (approx release date: Winter 2017):

  • Upgrade to the internal stream server.  Will now feature full transcoding, self-publishing and re-publishing support without the need for a separate stream server (such as Wowza, etc).
  • New on-board automatic real-time voice recognition for live closed caption transcribing of live streams.
  • NDI/NewTek CODEC support and support for IP video sources.
  • UHD video capture options for 4k SDI
  • Smaller footprint case
  • More processor power for handling high bandwidth and AI applications

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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