Sunday, 18 September 2016 / Published in Magic Coast News

Webinar set for planning professionals

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – September 19, 2016
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Message Blocks, an event planning software company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has announced its September webinar for planning professionals.

This month’s webinar will focus on efficiently managing e-Learning events, including coordination with speakers and facilitating participant networking. Two webcast dates have been set for September 27 and September 29 with multiple webcasts held each day to accommodate all time-zones in the US. A total of six webcasts are scheduled to make it easy for busy professionals to participate without disrupting their day.

The session is presented in two concise parts, taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. Part 1 will look at the preparation and planning of an event using Message Blocks, while Part 2 will focus on integrating interactive video for e-Learning into the event.

To facilitate this e-Learning training session, Message Blocks will be partnering with Magic Coast ( to provide an interactive and engaging online video experience for participants. Based on universal web standards, and with no need for extra browser plug-ins or downloaded applications, the Magic Coast platform works on most browsers and requires no special firewall configuration to enjoy the whole experience.

The September webinar is part of Message Block’s ongoing professional development series.

About Message Blocks: Message Blocks specializes in helping event professionals who need to coordinate with and between a host of other people to create a compelling and successful event. Message Blocks clients include corporations, associations, non-profits, and educational organizations who plan customer conferences, training seminars, networking meetings, company gatherings & awards ceremonies, job expos and hybrid events.

About Magic Coast: Magic Coast is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and recently expanded to the greater Chicago area. Magic Coast has been a leading source of highly reliable live video streaming for over 10 years. Its proprietary, cloud-managed video streaming hardware and service is the perfect end-to-end solution for mission-critical Live and On-Demand video streaming and e-Learning. They’ve worked with fortune 500 companies, renown universities and major broadcasters to deliver their content to audiences around the world. They can do the same for you.

Meet Magic Coast at DevLearn 2016 in Las Vegas on November 15 – 17th. Visit Magic Coast to schedule an in-person consultation at the conference.


Sunday, 08 May 2016 / Published in Magic Coast News

Simplifying Live Video Webcasts by adding real-time interactivity to live scheduled events.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – May 8, 2016 – PRLog — By now, everyone who has ever watched Netflix knows what video on demand is. (VOD) But have you ever wanted the engagement, interactivity and real time collaboration of a live streaming webcast with the control, low risk and simplicity of VOD?

With the release of our latest cloud-based management and Panther Media Encoder, it’s now possible to have both. Magic Coast has introduced an innovative concept that we call VOD as Live (VODaL).

With VODaL you can create a user experience that resembles a live streaming event, but without the cost and risk of a live television production.

Why would you want to do that?

What if you want your participants to engage in interactive text communication and exercises during the broadcast? Like asking questions, or a live chat discussion?

What if you want to lead group exercises and team building at multiple remote locations as part of the presentation?

What if you want to create a feeling of real-time interactivity and engagement, like taking polls and watching the live results?

With VOD alone, those things are next to impossible.

With VODaL it’s easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Produce and edit your video content, getting it just right. Avoiding the cost and complexity of a live video production, and the risk of mistakes that come with it.

2. Incorporate timed interactive components with your video. Add things like Subtitles, Polls, and Slide Presentations.

3. Choose feedback features to enable, such as Live Text delivery, Submit a Question, Live (moderated) Viewer Response display.

4. Schedule your webcast(s).

5. At the scheduled time(s), your audience joins in and participate as if it was a live webcast.

During the webcast, your audience can ask questions, answer polls, and interact with the content along with everyone else who is participating. And, instead of having a large production team creating a live video event in real time, all that’s needed is a small team of communicators to answer questions, moderate comments, and provide help desk support.

How is that different than VOD? With VOD, the video always starts at the beginning of the program. If someone joins even a minute late, the real-time interaction between participants is impossible because they will be forever out of sync with each other.

With VODaL, your program is scheduled as live. So, your participants stay in sync with the content, no matter when they join the webcast. Whether they join at the start, or 5 minutes late, they will always join-in-progress at the same point where everyone else is viewing.

Want to run the same webcast for groups in different time zones? Simply schedule it for multiple times. All with the same pre-recorded video content and timed interactivity. The Panther Media System automatically plays the webcast on schedule without so much as a button to push.

To learn more or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at